I redesigned with a focus on conversions, responsivity and mobile bookings.

LasikPlus is one of the nations largest providers of Laser eye treatments. I crafted a site that informs, educates and converts users into active bookings.

The result was a full redesign involving redesigned color palettes, image treatments and ultimately evolved digital branding. The site is responsive across all devices and utilizes ExpressionEngine as a CMS. Designed at UnitOneNine.

Initial Sketches & Direction

Vision is an vital aspect of life and representing surgical treatments online is a challenging task. I knew I wanted to create an expressive, vibrant experience that celebrated the concept of vision. To do this, I used isolated imagery to create singular strong focal points. Use of clipping masks and overlapping images gives a sense of depth. I wanted to avoid parallax scrolling and animations and focus primarily on bold colors, photographs and type.

final homepage design

final homepage design

I evolved the brand by creating a world of design elements that could work across both online and printed materials.

Bold colors, aspirational photos and strong graphic treatments make the new site different from competitors. I wanted to create an identifiable brand language through graphic treatments and colors.

The Brand color palette was dated and needed a revival. I created a palette that worked well with legacy values and expanded the color palette to encompass the variety of eye-procedures. Eye surgery is daunting enough, bringing life, humanity and energy into an otherwise sterile brand.

final homepage design


Over the course of 4 months after launching the newly designed site, LasikPlus experienced tremendous growth in conversions.


Increase in desktop conversions.


Increase in mobile conversions.


Increase in mobile bookings.