JLL Connections

I designed an enterprise level app that helps brokers and executive agents visualize the connection between their contacts and their associated assets.

Networking is everything and JLL knows this notion well. JLL’s real estate offerings are home to companies all over the world. With that immense of a reach, JLL needed an app to help visualize and manage the network of professional relationships of its associates. Designed at UnitOneNine.

Screen silly


JLL wanted an iPad app that allowed brokers to make connections between other agents, properties, clients and other facets. These crude screenshots were all I had to conceptualize the UI and interface of the app. I planned my app to revolve around a spider chart of facets that allowed a broker to visually see connections between multiple facets.

App Designs

I designed the interface to feel tactile by creating depth with shadowing. Visuallizing connections was key so I used a simple yet effective spidering diagram to drive the main view.

Final Designs Final Designs Final Designs

Final Designs