Basil Hayden's

I redesigned BasilHayden' to be responsive, feature rich curated content and be a destination for whiskey drinkers.

For Basil Hayden’s, I created a blog centric destination as a unique spin on traditional liquor sites. It combines curated blog content with traditional liquor brand marketing. I was responsible for creative direction and art direction with limited assets to craft a brand destination that was engaging for a typical whiskey connoisseur. Designed at UnitOneNine.

Initial Sketches & Direction

I created multiple designs and explorations to discover how to treat various pieces of content. The challenge - to create a site that was a brand liquor destination but also felt and read like a blog.

a detail

Cocktail Club

Old Fashioned’s before they were cool

The crux of any liquor site, the cocktail recipes. Content curation was key and a basic recipe layout and design was used to account for varying asset resolutions and edit-ability in Expression Engine. To simplify things, I designed a simple 2-column solution that would scale in varying viewports.

final homepage design

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