Designer by trade, creator at heart.

I'm a designer focused in the intersection of technology and design with an interest in building great experiences, on and off screen.

As a creator at heart, I challenge the typical design toolset, pushing myself and others to adopt new practices in UX, design and development. My belief in pragmatic design has lead me cross disciplines through all of my projects in search of a more fulfilling way to create, execute and collaborate.

Currently, I'm Associate Director of Design at The Office of Experience focusing on product design, brand-strategy and generally making cool stuff. Sometimes I pretend to be a developer – check out my github.

This site was built using Jekyll, Bourbon, Neat and Sass with the build tools - Gulp.js and Bower and is hosted on GitHub Pages. All type is set in Neue Haas Grotesk, freely served from

Feel free to reach out, I’m always looking to connect.

Mr. Amit Patel, 2016